The Collection

Some of Our Works

The collection consists of 30 numbered books, 1 Bat and 3 numbered Artists’ Tests. Each contains 10 original engravings, with their corresponding poems.

All copies are numbered and signed by both authors. The text of the poems is also signed personally by Adonis. Due to the fragility and delicacy of the slate sheets, and because of the desire to preserve them as an artistic work in itself, the print run has been limited in large numbers.

Each engraving bears the title of the poem in which it is inspired; being chosen, among others, from the books Songs of Mihyar the Damascus or the Book of Flights and Moves through the Climates of Day and Night.

Each graphic work is presented with the corresponding poem. The text has been reproduced via Ploter in Arabic and Spanish, as presented by Adonis in his books. The original text in Arabic calligraphy has been made by Jafar T. Kaki. There is a version of the texts in German and a version in Catalan, French and English is planned in the future as soon as the complete translations are available.

For the prologue of the book we have the critics of Elena de Santiago, National Library, and Javier Blas, National Intaglio, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid, who have encouraged us with their words to continue with this project. The epilogue is by Encarna Rodriguez Bermudez, artist, poet and friend.

The prints measure 56 X 76 cm, on super alpha piggyback paper. With each print the text of the corresponding poetry is printed on a sheet of the same characteristics, so that the works will be diptychs; the graphic image and the text.

The complete work is presented in a box, made to measure for them and for their better conservation. It is manufactured by the company Rocamora SL, Barcelona.

The title of the work is Adonis, Visual Poems, Bruni Heym – Jafar T. Kaki