– Elena de Santiago Páez. Biblioteca Nacional

«Poetry, poetry, in the broadest sense, in all its meanings and forms of expression, in the heart, in words, in writing, in images, even in technique. In this book there is the best combination of the feelings, the art and the wisdom of three artists, of three human beings who know how to express and bring out the best that they have inside; in that way, the rest of us, those who do not know or cannot express so much beauty, can share and enjoy their work. The brilliance and delicacy of Jafar and Brunilde’s prints, which voluntarily hide the difficulty of the technique they have used to engrave and print the metal and slate matrices simultaneously, introduce us again to that lyrical, transparent and magical atmosphere of Adonis’ poems we have just read. Poetry and image, spirit and technique, colour and black and white, Adonis, Brunilde and Jafar have created an exceptional work between the three of them.«

– Javier Blass. Calcografía Nacional, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid

«Box of papers. On them poetic images and visual poems -any written poem belongs to the field of visuality-. The poetic dimension of Jafar-Bruni’s images lies in the desire for continuity of an inner gaze expressed through words. Their function is not to give light to the understanding of Adonis’ poetic spirituality, not to illustrate in an instructive sense, but to complement the letter with visual references of another nature. Both construct an unpredictable alphabet, elaborated with tonal nuances given up in part at random, a structure of subjective and exciting codes. The images are also poems…»