The Project

Our Process Explained


The plastic artists and engravers Bruni Heym and Jafar T. Kaki have produced, in collaboration with the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, a book of engravings, created from the poems of the great contemporary Arab poet Adonis, which has acquired universality with his works.


Adonis, the pseudonym of Ali Ahamad Saíd Ésber, born in 1930 in Quasabín, a village in the north of Syria near the Mediterranean coast, is a personal friend of the engraving artist Jafar T. Kaki, who has illustrated some of the covers of his books translated into Spanish. The multiple awards, recognitions and prizes that Adonis has obtained, can be an added guarantee for the achievement of the Nobel Prize, to which he has been nominated on several occasions.

Since the first chance meeting that Jafar Kaki and Adonis had in Morocco, where they coincided in the International Festival of Asilah in 1985, a great friendship has united both artists. From Adonis came the idea that Kaki should make a book about his poetry, using the poetic language of the arts of the latter as a tool.





Bruni Heym meets Jafar T. Kaki in 1996 at the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation -where both obtained a grant to participate in a seminar- and is infected by Jafar Kaki’s enthusiasm for Adonis. Bruni Heym is seduced by the poetry and the person of Adonis, which leads her to discover and develop a new theme in her plastic work. From this point on, the idea of making an artist’s book together begins to mature and they decided to make it happen.

Bruni Heym being the leader of the Adonis Poet Project, decides to start from the choice of ten poems by Adonis, later both artists start working on their plates individually and using different techniques, later they combine the images in the same print. Jafar T. Kaki uses zinc plates that he works with etching, aquatint and its variations, as well as his own techniques that characterize his work. Bruni Heym uses colography on fragile slate plates, a very novel technique that only she uses and that allows her to express Adonis’ poems.